Bill McGlaun

By trial and error Bill developed his sculpting skills and fine tuned his work with the technique of polychroming. Bill's pieces take realism to ultimate detail as close to the life form as possible. Bill's works beautify grounds of Texas A&M University, the Vatican, "Morning Doves and Passion Flowers" and have been the talk of the Texas Parks and Wildlife and the G.C.C.A.

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Forever Changed 34h x 24l x 22 w

Forever Changed 31h x 14l x14w bronze
"Souls ripped from among us like the cry of the eagle tears at the fabric of the forest silence"

Detail for "Forever Changed"

Front panel: The Twin Towers Attacked
Left panel: Mayor Guillianni and President Bush
Right panel: The Pentagon
Back panel: Quote and List of Countries who Lost people in the Attacks
All Metal reliefs